Use Videku to watch a movie from the internet or file right in your browser.

Handy subtitle search will help you fetch captions in your language.

Built-in voice lector will read subtitles during the playback.

Remote control will let you control the player from your phone.


Web cinema

With Videku, you can play your videos directly in the browser. You don't have to install any software and you can use Chromecast or similar device to stream video directly to your TV, HTPC or Home Cinema.

You can either choose video file in supported format from your disk or play videos hosted on the Internet.

Easy subtitles

Load subtitles from file or use OpenSubtitles integration to fetch them in just a few clicks. Catch them quickly to watch that new episode of your favorite TV series you've been waiting for.

Customize text size to fit your needs. Refine settings, such as encoding or delay, in case they're not perfect.

Well said

And when it comes to subtitles, Videku can read them for you, becoming a full blown movie lector. Never again miss any action because of focusing on subtitles and not on the movie itself.

You can choose from different languages or voices, and refine voice volume to work well with the video.

Everything under control

You can control your watching session from any device with web browser, such as your phone or tablet. Control position in the movie or pause it at any time without having to get to your computer.

There is also a bunch of convenient keyboard shortcuts to allow seamless control during playback.

Open or drop MP4 (H.264), OGV, WebM or FLV file.

Open or drop SRT (SubRip), SUB (MicroDVD), ASS or TXT (MPL, TMP) file.


Failed to connect with OpenSubtitles. Try again later.

No results.

You can specify the language you want your subtitles in by adding text like lang:en. For TV series, add text like s2e1 to specify season and episode you're looking for.

Choose proper subtitle file encoding if diacritical marks are displayed and read incorrectly.

Choose video framerate to which the subtitles are synchronized for them to appear at matching time.

Set time ratio bigger (or smaller) than 1 if subitles are getting more delayed (or early) with time passing. Set time offset if they have constant delay through the whole video.

Your browser needs to support the Web Speech API for synthesis to work (Chrome or Safari). Number of available voices depends on both your operating system and your browser.

Open the link above on your phone or tablet to control the player remotely. Remote control may be opened on any number of devices for group control.

Basic guidelines

Recommended browser: Google Chrome.

Keyboard shortcuts

SPACEPause / play
Jump backward
Jump forward
Volume down
Volume up
1Scale subtitles down
2Scale subtitles up
FFull screen
GToggle fit mode
SShow / hide subtitles
ATurn voice lector on / off